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Bonjour and Ku?sschen left, Ku?sschen right, the new program of Johannes Floehr is here! Youpi! An evening so cheeky that you will keep it a secret from your grandchildren. Johannes Floehr, that stands since always or 1991 for scho?ne fun and dadaistic Kurzweil. As varied as Haribo Colorado, as iconic as the Eiffel Tower and comedy on a tolerable scale. Or cabaret, as the case may be. And none of it lecturing, because the likeable two-meter man is simply not smart enough for that. But that's not so bad.
He will read from his four books, some of which have long since become cult in his family, and there will be stand-up, improvisations, multimedia support and humor a? la cordon bleu. Not as revolutionary as the storming of the Bastille, but funnier.
The cheeky man has already performed in very different places: in the Elbphilharmonie, on the Internet and television, at three o'clock in the morning on the Reeperbahn, and sometimes in small cultural centers where fourteen spectators have set the mood for eight. A true filou in his field, whatever that may mean! And of course his home in Krefeld and his current place of residence in Hamburg are close to Paris. He is not one to be argued with, he knows no pardon. It all depends on where you're looking from.

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Photo: Julia Schwendner

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