Joris & Freiburg Philharmonic Orchestra

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At the Münsterplatz concerts in June 2023, a lot of new and a lot of fresh things are emerging for Freiburg. Because one approaches from several sides, gives different musical influences a common place to merge, and in the process allows exciting new projects to emerge.
Thus, for June 15, an extraordinary artistic constellation is formed that has never been seen before on a stage: JORIS & the FREIBURG PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA conducted by MIKI KEKENJ.
JORIS has earned a reputation as a unique live performer. Proximity to the audience, interaction and small, affectionate details have caused his fan base to grow steadily. Even at top-class festivals like Hurricane, Southside or Highfield his performances are among the absolute highlights. His earthy sound supports his powerful voice: High, down, loud, quiet, rough and soft at the same time - insanely diverse and variable. His shows stand for a high degree of dynamics, emotion and spontaneity. So it's really no wonder that JORIS has come up with something very special for his concert on June 15, 2023 at Freiburg's Münsterplatz: together with the PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA FREIBURG conducted by MIKI KEKENJ, he will perform his greatest hits for an entire evening!
The PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA FREIBURG is the official orchestra of the city at the Theater Freiburg and has already dedicated itself to contemporary music for various projects in the past. In addition to its concert activities on about 100 evenings per year, the orchestra also appears as an opera orchestra.
The conductor MIKI KEKENJ unites seemingly opposites in one musical person. Classical music and pop culture meet and love each other in his work. No musical border is accepted, no sonic clash is shied away from. According to this credo MIKI KEKENJ arranges wonderfully, meekly and with a lot of inventiveness the work of JORIS for the PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA FREIBURG. Sounds exciting already when reading!

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All information is provided without guarantee.