Juse Ju
Juse Ju is for the People Tour

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Juse Ju - Juse Ju is for the People Tour

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Others cancel tours, Juse Ju says yes. After almost 6,000 visitors in 15 cities in 2023, Juse Ju adds another 10 cities in 2024. The major cities have been played. Now it's the turn of all the cities that others forget. Why? Because JUSE JU is for the people. Juse Ju is known for his irrepressible energy on stage. An entertainer, an old-school MC, a mosh pit conductor. Without any playback, Juse raps his way through his impressive discography, tells the odd joke from his life and leads the audience as his choir. He is supported by his drummer Stef der Chef and Nikita Gorbunov. He has his current Top 20 album and all his classics with him.

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