Punch and Bello save the forest

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"Kasper and Bello save the forest" is a cheerful and wonderful puppet theater production in 2 acts with a performance time of approx. 45 minutes and was created in cooperation with the Southern Black Forest Nature Park e.V.

Kasper and Bello go on a hike through the Black Forest and are amazed by the magnificent trees, the beautiful animals, the old sawmills and the crystal-clear water. Everything seems peaceful until a strange figure suddenly appears.
It is a grumpy gnome with disheveled hair who doesn't like the fact that so many people are taking a liking to nature. With anger in his belly and a cunning spell, the forest suddenly becomes barren and dry. A great joy for the gnome, but great suffering for all the plants, animals and people. This is also the case for a poor woodcutter and his daughter who live in the middle of the forest...
But it's a good thing that Punch and Bello are there! The gnome will learn that he is not allowed to rule over the forest and can drive away people and animals. With the help of the children, it will certainly be possible to save the unique nature with its forests and all its inhabitants...

The puppeteer David Minuth takes the audience on an imaginative journey through fairy-tale worlds, with enchanting puppets and artistic sets that will not only make children dream.

Dr. Johannes, Karin and David Minuth are known far beyond the borders of Freiburg for their fairytale puppet shows. They write their own texts and also design and create the enchanting puppets.

Hand puppet show for children aged 4 and over

Director: Dr. Johannes Minuth

Playing time: approx. 45 minutes


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