Kasper and the magic coat

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"Kasper and the magic coat" is a new puppet theater production in 2 acts with a performance time of approx. 45 minutes.

On a trip around the world, Kasper and his dog Bello make a stop in the distant Orient. There they set off in search of the mysterious cloak of magic, which is in the possession of the generous Caliph. He rules his kingdom with great compassion and his heart in the right place. Thanks to the magical cloak, neither fear, hunger nor suffering can arise.
But as soon as Kasper arrives at his destination, it turns out that the cloak has been damaged by an accident and the tailor who rushes to his aid is not who he claims to be. With skill and fake promises, the coat falls into the wrong hands and disappears from the palace of glittering towers.
Before any major mischief can happen, Kasper sets off in search of the scoundrel, who is already using every means at his disposal to exploit the coat for his own purposes.
Fortunately, Kasper and Bello are able to help and avert great evil. And thanks to the miraculous fairy and the support of the children, the caliph will surely be able to rule his country peacefully again in the end.

The puppeteer David Minuth takes the audience on an imaginative journey through fairy-tale worlds, with magical puppets and artistic sets that will not only make children dream.

Dr. Johannes, Karin and David Minuth are known far beyond the borders of Freiburg for their fairytale puppet shows. They write their own texts and also design and create the enchanting puppets.

Hand puppet show for children aged 4 and over

Director: Dr. Johannes Minuth

Playing time: approx. 45 minutes


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