Keep it real

Being authentic means really being who you are. It means being real. "Being real" - but how does that work? Together with SOLD, Krump dancer Lucia Matzke explores the question of the physical expression of the true self in a multi-generational dance piece. To be authentic, you have to be honest with yourself. And know what you want. Free from expectations or inner pressure to take on a certain role. You can't fake authenticity. It is the unfiltered version of the real you. Showing your true self in dance is incredibly beautiful. That is Krump. Your own liberation from any expectations or ideals.

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Kamishibai storytelling theater: "Today I am me"

29/02/2024 / 03:30 PM / Mooswald District Library

The doors of the Kamishibai storytelling theater open again for children aged 4 and over with a picture book story. Which fish suits my mood? Am I happy, brave or perhaps angry today? It's not always…

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Reading time

29/02/2024 / 03:30 PM - 04:00 PM / City Library

Our reading mentor Hanna Kubowitz reads new picture book stories to children aged 4 and over.

Children & youth, Courses & workshops, Other

Language meeting

29/02/2024 / 04:00 PM - 06:00 PM / Haslach District Library

We present our selection of books in foreign languages and invite parents to read them to their children. Native speakers or bilingual parents are also welcome to read aloud or meet and exchange ideas…

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