Kettcar - ZMF Freiburg

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Experience Kettcar live on stage - a band that has significantly shaped the German music scene since its foundation in 2001.

The band's strength lies in their unique blend of intelligent lyrics and catchy melodies. With his profound lyrics, frontman Marcus Wiebusch lends a poetic note to everyday situations without drifting into excessive emotionality.

Kettcar's performance on stage is full of energy, with Erik Langer's guitar, Reimer Bustorff's bass, Frank Tirado-Rosales' drums and Lars Wiebusch's keyboard creating a musical backdrop that blends perfectly with the lyrics. The concert promises not only musical highlights, but also an opportunity for fans to experience the band in person.

Kettcar's live performances are known for their authenticity and down-to-earth attitude. They also maintain a close relationship with their fans away from the stage. The concert will therefore not only be a musical performance, but also a celebration of their shared passion for good music.

Be there when Kettcar take to the stage and take you on a journey through their musical world. The concert is not only a tribute to a band of the century, but also a chance to experience the band up close. Kettcar live - an experience not to be missed.

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