Khalid Bounouar - DMC (Drive me Crazy) Tour 2024

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Khalid Bounouar

DMC - drive me crazy!

Khalid Bounouar is charming, quick-witted, smart as a whip and very close to his fans and spectators. Now the native of Aachen is coming on tour with his second solo program: "DMC - drive me crazy!" And after the past turbulent years, it can only get crazier.

Khalid Bounouar, who comes from an Algerian-Moroccan artistic family, has been on stage all his life. After eleven tours as an official member of RebellComedy and his successful first solo tour, he has become a well-known German stand-up comedian thanks to his very own style.

No stage in the world is too crazy for Khalid. He has already performed in the circus, in prison, in war zones in front of German-speaking soldiers and even in the United Arab Emirates.

With real life stories, impressive observations and confessions about himself, he lets the audience become part of his one-man show and introduces them to his crazy world. What Khalid does is more than stand-up, almost theater. Since his new material is more personal than ever, it always pushes him to his limits and makes his audience crazy for more. His fans can expect an emotional show at crazy times, loosely based on the motto "Drive me crazy!"

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