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Screening as part of the film series Chantal Akerman by aka-Filmclub

Golden Eighties - Chantal Akerman - BE/F/CH 1986 - OmU

In the musical "Golden Eighties", shot almost entirely in a shopping mall, Chantal Akerman negotiates the theme of consumerism through pop music and love triangles. Sylvie, Jeanne and Lili work in a hair salon in the mall and are all in love with the owner of the clothing store across the street. While he is initially interested in the beautiful Lili, the manager of the salon, after a visit from his father, who suggests that he finally grow up, he turns away from her because of her volatility and turns to Mado, whom he proposes to marry. The wedding is finally sabotaged when Lili wants to take another look at Robby.

Text: Meike Oßwald

University of Freiburg, Large Lecture Hall Biology, Schänzlestr. 1
Tuesday, July 11 | 8 p.m.
Admission: €
1,50 | € 5 | Tariff information and tickets at the box office
Cooperation partners: aka-Filmclub, France Center of the University

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