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Screening as part of the film series Chantal Akerman by aka-Filmclub

Je Tu Il Elle - I, You, He, She - Chantal Akerman - BE/F 1974 - OmU

In Chantal Akerman's first feature-length film "I, You, He, She" her background in experimental film becomes clear. Within a week she shoots in black and white on 35mm a film that will later be considered a milestone of lesbian cinema. The main character, Julie, locks herself in her room alone after a breakup. After rearranging and straightening her furniture, she routinely carries out her activities: She gets dressed and undressed, eats powdered sugar from a bag, lies on her bed, and writes intensely on a letter. When she does leave, she meets a truck driver who tells her his story. Finally, she does get a little closeness with a friend. But after the two make love, Julie finds herself alone again.

Text: Meike Oßwald

With introduction to the film by director and filmmaker Nathalie David!

University of Freiburg, Large Lecture Hall Biology, Schänzlestr. 1
Tuesday, June 27 | 8 p.m.
Introduction: Nathalie David
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Cooperation partners: aka-Filmclub, France Center of the University

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