Piano trio

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Ludwig v. Beethoven
E-flat major op. 1 No. 1

Franz Schubert
Adagio E-flat major D. 897 "Notturno"

Clara Schumann
3 Romances for Cello and Piano op. 22

Piano Trio

Ludwig v. Beethoven Piano Trio E-flat major op. 1 No. 1

Franz Schubert Adagio E-flat major D- 897 / op. 148 "Notturno"

Clara Schumann 3 Romances for cello and piano op. 22

Robert Schumann 5 Stücke im Volkston op. 102 / 1849

Beethoven's first "official" piece: Marie Desgoutte, Hristo Kouzmanov and Johannes Tolle dedicate their next concert to Beethoven's Trio in E-flat Major, op. 1 No. 1. The Viennese "Allgemeine musikalische Zeitung" particularly liked Opus 1 "because in it, as in few others, the joyful youth of the master is still reflected unclouded, lightly and frivolously".

Contrasting with Beethoven's "day-bright" piece is Schubert's Adagio in E-flat Major, Op. 148, later nicknamed the "Notturno."

Two charming duo compositions by Clara and Robert Schumann complete the program: Clara's Romanzen op. 22, which were first printed in 1983 after a long dormancy, and Robert's "5 Stücke im Volkston" op. 102.

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30/11/2023 / 06:00 PM / Freiburg University of Music, Mathilde Schwarz Hall

With students of the class of Prof. Hardy Rittner

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