Basket weaving with willow

The seminar is aimed equally at beginners and experienced braiders. We will weave with unpeeled willow. Beginners weave a round basket with handle holes, experienced weavers can weave e.g. an ERGO shoulder basket or a shopping basket. Participants will learn the most important basic techniques of wicker weaving: Fitze, Dreierkimme, Zäunergeflecht and Viererkimme as well as various edge finishes.At the end of the seminar you will be able to continue working independently and use the skills acquired for other projects, such as screens, fences or climbing aids. The weaving material is already sorted and soaked available, as well as tools and turntables. A work apron can be useful. According to experience, beginners need 12-15 hours to weave their first basket. Left-handed people will be shown how to weave left-handed. No previous knowledge is required.Material costs (40 € for a basket, completely sorted) will be settled directly with the instructor.Registration deadline: Thursday, 27.07.2023 (because the willows must be prepared in time).

Course instructor: Deringer, Dieter. The instructor is a freelance basket weaver and has been giving courses since 1987. He speaks German, English and Dutch. In 2019, he won the Basketry of the Year award. More at www.flechtwerk-dieter-deringer.deFragen he answers at the tel. no.: 0175-2080585

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All information is provided without guarantee.