Crime dinner: bloodbath in the local council

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The crime dinner 'Blutbad im Gemeinderat' - a delicious course meal in a stylish ambience framed by an exciting crime case in the forest restaurant St. Ottilien in Freiburg.

'Blutbad im Gemeinderat'

Imagine a tranquil place in the beautiful Badnerland. Surrounded by rivers, meadows and rolling countryside lies Muggenhofen. The little village, far away from any big city hustle and bustle, exciting nightlife or hectic hustle and bustle, invites you in a persistent contemplativeness to find your home there.

Everything has been going on for decades with the same constancy, day after day, year after year, until the day when the much appreciated head of the community, the mayor of Muggenhofen, is found murdered.
A murder in Muggenhofen? And then the mayor as well? Police chief Gustav Heberlein is faced with a mystery. With his suitcase typewriter and his Vesperbox, he sets out to find the murderer. Does he come from the ranks of the conspiratorial village community? Was it a newcomer, a newcomer, or even a local resident? What does Eulalia Schreiblinger have to do with the story and how far is she involved in the machinations of the village council?

The course menu is created and served by the forest restaurant St. Ottilien. From 19 o'clock the Krimi Dinner will open, which will guarantee tickling for nerves and palate. Admission is at 6:30 pm.

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All information is provided without guarantee.