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The two musicians Lazy Maryam and Emilia Salúm take their audience on a melodic journey through space and time as LAZY LOVERS. They skillfully blend elements of soul, jazz, rock or flamenco and fuse them with Indian and Arabic soundscapes, sometimes with a pinch of classical music. The Argentinean Emilia Salúm works and experiments as a vocal teacher on the connection of music, fine arts and pedagogy. In her musical universe she builds a bridge between the world of acoustics and the planet of electronics. The German-Afghan violinist and singer Lazy Maryam lovingly devotes her music to classical and pop music, playing with nuances of oriental music. After a successful tour of Germany and Austria in the summer of 2022, LAZY LOVERS are now embarking on a European tour, and we are looking forward to the fascinating duo's stopover in Freiburg.

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