Magic of travesty

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,,Putz dich raus - go out" and don't miss the crazy show spectacle!

Cheeky, funny and yet charming, our travesty artists strain your laughing muscles.
Extravagant costumes and sparkling jewelry make for shining eyes and open mouths.
The incomparable star imitations will leave you in awe.
Sing along to evergreens with which you are guaranteed to associate one or the other beautiful moment in your life. Because one thing is for sure: the birds of paradise in their gorgeous dresses will leave no stone unturned to make the mood in the hall bubble.
Be very close to your favorite star - during the break - and capture this unique evening
in a souvenir photo for eternity. Because our artists are anything but audience shy.
We wish you lots of fun and enjoyment again!

All information is provided without guarantee.

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All information is provided without guarantee.