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Just in time for the start of her club tour in the sold-out Privatclub Berlin, MARIE BOTHMER has already announced the next live dates: In October she goes on "1995 - Tour".

MARIE BOTHMER has a voice you will never forget: Already with her first single "Es braucht Zeit", which was streamed millions of times, MARIE BOTHMER went through the roof in 2016. Since then, the singer and songwriter has continued to develop - both musically and privately. So she moved to Berlin and released the EP "Swimmingpool" in June 2022. With songs that have their roots in R&B and pop and her emotional lyrics written in German, the musician has built up a large fan base.

After the release of "Kater" and the second single "Vollnarkose", the current track "Bothmer Schloss" is another foretaste of her upcoming album, which will be released later this year.

While last year she was on support tour with Joris, Julian Le Play, Klan, Bruckner and Madeline Juno, among others, MARIE BOTHMER now has her first own headlining club tour coming up in April 2023. She will also perform at this year's Lollapalooza Berlin and PULS Open Air.

In October it continues with the "1995 - Tour".

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All information is provided without guarantee.