"Max Ernst " - discover artistic painting techniques with natural colors

Price: 125.00€

The unique oeuvre of the surrealist Max Ernst is characterized in particular by the artistic techniques he created: He further developed the "Frottage", a rubbing technique, calling it "Grattage". With "Decalcomania" he created interesting material structures by lifting off the paint. With his collages, Max Ernst created unique surreal pictorial worlds. Based on the painting techniques of Max Ernst we create independent pictures with extended techniques and materials, e.g. the encaustic, foil and transfer technique, combined with collages and much more. We make the natural colors ourselves from pigments and binder. - Please bring: 1 acrylic block DIN A 2, 4 - 6 canvases on stretcher approx. 30 / 40 cm or larger, acrylic paints, bristle brushes, found objects from nature such as leaves, wood, image material for collages, water glass, food. Further material is available in the course.

Course number: 232207442

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