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Already at the age of 15 began with graffiti in Munich the artistic career of PATRICK HARTL. Through his design studies, the path then led him to calligraphy and thus resulted with graffiti the "calligraffiti"!

The artist, who has also made a name for himself as STYLEFIGHTING, skillfully combines tradition with modernity, text with image, creating a new style.

For more than two decades, PATRICK HARTL has been driven by craft design and analog work, making him one of the most important writing artists and a member of the twelve official "CALLIGRAFFITI ARTISTS".

Together with Christian "C100" Hundertmark he also forms the artist duo LAYER CAKE, who already showed their joint works, at the KOMPLIZEN exhibition with us in 2021.

PATRICK HARTL's solo exhibitions take him from New York to Buenos Aires to Tokyo - to us in the hilda5! The exhibition WORK IS PROGRESS shows works from the last three years with a focus on abstract art that draws its tension from gesture and handwriting.

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