Freiburg Baroque Orchestra: New Year's Eve Concert "MAESTRO

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Ein musikalischer Spaß KV 522
Joseph Haydn: Symphony No. 96 "The Miracle"
Domenico Cimarosa: Il maestro di cappella

Freiburger Barockorchester
Jörg Halubek, harpsichord & conductor

We will close the musical year 2023 with humor and amusement. For this year's
New Year's Eve Concert, we present a program of works by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart,
Domenico Cimarosa and Joseph Haydn. The evening will open with Mozart's Sextet Ein
musical fun. A curious work in which Mozart (intentionally) forgets all his compositional
skills to crudely verbalize dilettante village musicians and incompetent composers to
. Mozart is followed by a secular cantata by Italian composer Domenico
Cimarosa, who was especially known for his comic operas. In the cantata Il maestro di
cappella, a distracted bandmaster is the target of ridicule: he tries to hold off an
orchestra rehearsal, which he more or less succeeds in doing. Much is demanded of the baritone, who has to portray
the bandmaster. Especially the
dizzyingly fast text declamations require a "familiar throat".
After the intermission, we turn to Joseph Haydn's 96th Symphony. Haydn composed this symphony in the year
1791 in London, where it was also premiered and which bears the epithet "The Miracle", the
miracle. Not only is Haydn's work full of miraculous moments, but a small miracle actually occurred at the
premiere. As Haydn entered the stage, a
chandelier fell from the ceiling onto the first floor. Miraculously, however, no one came to
harm, as the audience did not sit in their seats, but gathered curiously around Haydn in front of the

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30/11/2023 / 06:00 PM / Freiburg University of Music, Mathilde Schwarz Hall

With students of the class of Prof. Hardy Rittner

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