This is how professionals do it! - Dernière

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Amorous entanglements, satirical moments and lots of situation comedy - a cracking crime comedy by Martin Bross and Stefan Keim!

Because he was fired by his boss for a botched advertising campaign, Oliver Harter is out for revenge. Together with his partner Stanislaus, he kidnaps the wife of his former employer. As a kidnapper, Oliver has no "professional experience," but as a strategist he is a savvy professional - or so he thinks. Stanislaus, on the other hand, is no intellectual high-flyer, and so a lot of strange situations arise in the hideout of the two. When the kidnapped Ulrike Hesselkamp finally has her blindfold removed, everyone gets a pretty big surprise!

Direction and translation into Alemannic: Armin Kuner

The actors are: Bernd Geiger, Lissy Lücke and Klaus Raith

Our theater economy opens 90 minutes before the start of the play and provides food and drink for your physical well-being. Food and drink will be served until 15 minutes before the start of the play and during the intermission.

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