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Augustinermuseum Freiburg

You could say that the former monastery and church of the Augustinian hermits were multi-purpose buildings, given that they have performed different functions over time. Built in the 13th and 14th centuries, they were initially home to monks of the Augustinian order. Following a few renovations and extensions, the church became Germany's first municipal theater in 1823. It was 100 years later that this building, one of Freiburg’s oldest, was assigned its current use.

The wide-ranging art and cultural historical collection from the Middle Ages to the Baroque era makes the Augustiner Museum one of the most important museums in southern Germany. Enter the spacious nave of the former monastery church and you will be overwhelmed by the expansiveness and power of the space. The nearly 12-meter high white walls display original depictions of the prophets and gargoyles of Freiburg Cathedral to great mystical effect.

An upper open gallery featuring a large Dominican altar from the 15th century offers a striking bird's eye view of the impressive sculptures. The perspective affords a closer look at the work of the medieval stonemasons.
The former monastery building is currently being renovated. After work is completed, the museum will present exhibits on Freiburg’s history and folklore.

Tip: The renovation of the "Haus der Graphischen Sammlung" drawing collection building will be completed in a second phase, following the renovation of the church. The new building is a harmonious addition to the historic cityscape, and features a central spiral staircase linking the museum’s various floors and sections. The display cases embedded in the wall and sophisticated lighting make the staircase an exceptional exhibition space.

Note on accessibility: Depending on the exhibition, guided tours for the blind and visually impaired are included. Museum café and disabled restroom

Author: Plan Bee / FWTM

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