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Colombischlössle - Archaeological Museum

Freiburg museums are small and refined. In this historic building and wonderful backdrop, come discover fascinating treasures of the past presented in a modern museum setting. The Archaeological Museum is one of the best examples. Feats of the Romans, everyday objects from the Augustinian Monastery or valuable grave relics from the Alemannic treasury. The original artifacts in the permanent exhibition explore the various eras, from the Stone Age to late Antiquity to the Middle Ages.

But the past also comes to life through the magnificent, romantic Colombischlössle manor and its expansive park. The widowed Countess Maria Antonia Gertrudis von Zea Bermudez y Colombi had the edifice built as her residence on the site of the former French bastion of Saint Luis. The Freiburg architect Georg Jakob Schneider built the former manor house between 1859 and 1861 in the playful Gothic Tudor style of the English Middle Ages. In the midst of luxuriant gardens, surrounded by flower beds, fountains and sculptures, the Colombischlössle rises up like a 19th-century mirage. Come discover the enchantment!

Info on accessibility: Wheelchair users have to drive over a paved driveway from Rotteckring/corner Prediger Tor to the freight elevator in the basement and ring the bell!

Author: Plan Bee / FWTM

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