Kunstverein Freiburg (Art Society)

Kunstverein Freiburg (Art Society)

The nine-meter-high ceilings, white walls and cool austerity of the 1938 extension to the municipal baths provide a brilliant setting that makes the paintings, photographs, sculptures and installations look even more striking. The hall also boasts a mezzanine offering a bird’s-eye view of the exhibition space. What was formerly the water surface of the pool is now the floor of the gallery. The impressive exhibition space is located above while the former swimming pool itself is now storage space.

The Freiburger Kunstverein is one of the oldest and most famous art societies in Germany. Its exhibition calendar from the 19th and 20th centuries reads like a “Who’s Who” of classical modernism. Since the 1950s, the Freiburg Art Society has developed into a nationally and internationally acclaimed institution, making it a top address for art in Freiburg. It focuses exclusively on current trends in contemporary art that intentionally address social and political issues.

You can find the current exhibition calendar at www.kunstvereinfreiburg.de. Extraordinary art in an extraordinary setting. Whether you’ve come for a theater performance or an art exhibition, experience the unique atmosphere of the city’s former municipal baths!

Author: Plan Bee / FWTM

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