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ABBA Gold - The Concert Show - # Anniversary Tour

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You can dance -You can jive - Having the time of your life... (ABBA in Dancing Queen) Having The Time Of Your Life - the legendary lyric is the program and it is the title of the new tour of ABBA GOLD - The Concert Show, the ABBA concert show classic by producer Werner Leonard. The show has been attracting fans to German and European concert halls for almost twenty years now. An incredible 50 years after ABBA was founded and in the first year after the cultural pandemic shutdown, the longing is huge and so is the redemption that has gripped fans worldwide to finally be able to experience their ABBA Concert Show live again. After all, ABBA music is love felt, poured into memories and transformed into music. Time Of Your Life is nothing less than ABBA fans looking back on their memories of the past in love with music, but at the same time spinning their future forward with precisely these most meaningful musical memories. That is why ABBA's music is also a promise. It celebrates life, celebrates music, celebrates immortal songs. Because what everyone experienced in the "Time Of Their Life" with ABBA music remains forever in the heart and soul of the fans.
Today, ABBA GOLD - the Concert Show #Time Of Your Life - Tour 2023-24 brings all this back to the concert stages and resurrects the ABBA glittering world on platform shoes. Agnetha, Anna-Frid, Benny and Björn not only created unique pop music with their mixture of catchy yet sophisticated melodies. They invented the "sound for generations" - a sound that is still timeless and relevant today, fulfilling the musical dreams of people in all walks of life.
ABBA GOLD - The Concert Show presents this sound with super hits such as Waterloo, Thank you for the Music, Mamma Mia, Super Trouper, Dancing Queen, Chiquitita, Fernando and so many more. The show, which is impressive in its perfection, will once again offer fans a fantastic ABBA experience full of hits, joy, fun and new & old memories of the best "Time Of Your Life" in 2023-24. It offers everyone the opportunity to become a part of the unforgettable ABBA era. ABBA GOLD - The Concert Show is an experience for all generations looking for a night of good music and entertainment.

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