Going your own way. Meditation seminar

If we are not satisfied with answers that work well for others and search for the true meaning of our lives, we become pilgrims: our own life is the landscape we walk through, and it will hold the same surprises and adventures as the Way of St. James. In this retreat, we will ask ourselves where we are in our lives and what our next step might be, sitting gently on a cushion or chair in the style of Zen. Participants will listen to talks and guided meditations, sit in silence and do walking meditation in space and in the forest. Apart from two round-table discussions, the seminar takes place in silence, with an optional morning meditation at 7 a.m. and an evening meditation at 7.30 p.m. The food is vegetarian. An overnight stay in the house is essential for the development of inner silence and for this seminar concept.

Course leader: Irgang, Margrit. The speaker is a writer and meditation teacher. She has been practising Zen since 1984, with Thich Nhat Hanh since 1992, gives meditation seminars in Germany and abroad and is the author of "Leuchtende Stille", "Wunderbare Unvollkommenheit", "Dieser Augenblick" (all Herder), etc. More at www.margrit-irgang.blogspot.de

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