Genial floral - The series in painting: motifs and inspiration from botany

Our natural surroundings offer the best inspiration for artistic works. It is important to develop your own point of view and to take the freedom to depict it. The following steps: see - perceive - capture - reproduce - simplify - change - add... facilitate the path to the "ideal motif". If you allow yourself to do this, the intensive examination of a motif will stimulate your perception and creativity. Versatile acrylic materials in combination with surface-forming structural materials offer the best conditions for combining elements of painting and drawing. The acrylic paints are used from liquid to impasto. Thanks to the informal approach, both experienced artists and beginners can feel addressed. True to the motto: let go and immerse yourself in another world.

Course leader: Waldschmidt, Brigitte. The course instructor is a qualified designer and painter. More at

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28/05/2024 / 06:00 PM - 07:30 PM / Panoplie

In this workshop you will learn how to make your own tincture 'Cardiovascular and Nervous Strength' from the healing plant hawthorn.

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