Museum für Neue Kunst (Museum of contemporary art)

While today a free spirit informs artistic and societal debates, strict rules dominated in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The Neo-Baroque building that now houses the Museum of Contemporary Art was constructed in 1902 as an extension to the Female Educational and Etiquette Institute of the Adelhauser Neukloster, which had in turn been founded nearly 100 years earlier.

Since 1985, the museum’s historic white walls have been graced with masterpieces from the classical modernist era through to contemporary art. The local collection has a distinctive regional profile, such as the collection of works by Julius Bissier, born in Freiburg in 1893, where he lived until 1939. After decades of continuous activity, some even in isolation, his watercolors and miniatures in egg-and-oil tempera earned him worldwide recognition.

Brief information on accessibility: Access for wheelchair users via Adelhauser Straße (ring the bell at the main entrance or call 0761/201-2583), disabled WC, wheelchair hire.

Author: Plan Bee / FWTM

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