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On one of the shortest nights of the year, laut & lyrik brings a program full of summery light literature and music buzzing with heat to the backyard of the Vorderhaus.
On the summer solstice, the spoken theater ensemble deals with turning points in life: from fleeting youth, to hot love, to the ultimately brief lingering of a balmy summer night. The specially designed open-air program is dedicated to the old, the new, the past, the future, yesterday and today, the cautious glances into the future and the many moments in which one tips over into the other.
In keeping with the (hopefully) balmy summer night, the six artists bring to life a composition of texts and music in magical form and open air.

With: Deborah Ewert, Felix Lorenz, Jendrik Horn, Lisa Meid, Paul Reichenbacher, Maya Rollberg, Simon Sahner

*Over 20 years of poems, poetic prose pieces and songs on Freiburg stages: The spoken theater ensemble laut & lyrik lends sound, rhythm and dynamics to literary texts that otherwise often slumber between the covers of books. Words and syllables rush through the audience in choruses, verses wander from speaker to speaker, and spoken rhythms are tossed back and forth in groups just as individual performers embody poems in solos. With polyphonic singing and various instruments that accompany the texts, laut & lyrik is also a musical treat.

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All information is provided without guarantee.