Create your own flip book and other artist books

Design your own artist book. Step by step you will be accompanied on this weekend from the idea to the finished object. First, the individual book pages are created in the course: You paint, draw, collage or calligraphy on a theme or story. From this, in the second step, a small artist's book is bound. Maybe even a flip book or funny pop-up objects that will not only make children's eyes sparkle? There are no limits to the imagination, because artist books are not subject to any standard. Rather, they are delightful gems, funny, refreshing and poetic. Artist books are ideal gifts that delight our senses and our spirit.Bring your favorite materials and tools: various papers, wallpaper scraps and fabrics, paints, pens, collage materials, gold leaf, ribbons and embroidery thread, etc.The course is suitable for beginners and experienced creators. Experimentation, own ideas and curiosity are welcome.

Course leader: Matzakow, Annemarie. The course instructor lives and works as a freelance artist and designer in Freiburg. With joy and passion she passes on creative impulses and her knowledge of various techniques in her courses.More at, Instagram: annemariematzakow

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All information is provided without guarantee.